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Sanchár means movement or moving. sanchárFirst is a program developed to train media students, media professionals and also professionals from the corporate world to create content specifically for mobile devices like cell phones, iPods, iPads and othe tablet PCs.

Poor penetration of the Internet in India and the convenience of using mobile devices like cell phones, iPods, iPads and Tablet PCs have made them the medium of choice especially among the younger generation and the people who are on the move. 3G services, though in the infantile stages with teething problems, are very much in and will develop further.

However, all data related services can prove to be a bit expensive when you have to download and watch a television serial or a film, or scroll several times to read a news story on the small browser window.

What is necessary is training to create content specifically for mobile devices rather than viewing / reading / browsing through content created for the larger format like the television or the computer screen. So a story on a website should be not more than 2 scrolls, an episode or a news bulletin not more than a couple of minutes. sanchárFirst is the training program developed to address this problem.

The program can be conducted for students as well as for corporate organizations. Do mail me at to know more or fill up the form below.

mumbaiFirst is a campaign in the sanchárFirst to highlight the problems of Mumbai. My students are running this campaign. To watch these videos, please click on the mumbaiFirst logo or the link below. The videos have been specially encoded for mobile devices.

mumbai First
Go to Mumbai - 'Shanghai to ShaanGai'

(This campaign looks critically at the concept of the dream of the government of turning Mumbai into Shanghai and the state of Mumbai today. In Hindi, 'Shaan Gai' means 'Lost Glory')

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